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Beyond Black® Tyre Pro

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<B>Beyond Black® Tyre Pro</b>
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The No Gloss Finish That Shines

What goes best with clean shiny wheels? Tyres that look brand new. Nothing else helps your ride look its best more than clean wheels and tyres, so use Beyond Black tyre dressing. It’s got a no sling, no gel formula. No thick, glossy look here.

Beyond Black puts that straight-off-the-showroom-floor shine on your tyres. It even helps extend their life and protect them from UV rays. What could be better? Oh yeah – it lasts for weeks. Get Beyond Black and get the look of brand new tyres.

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Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:
For best results with Beyond Black Tire Pro, first use Beyond Steel Wheel Cleaner. Cleaning the tires first gives Beyond Black the ability to create a stronger bond to the tires and offers a longer lasting shine.

Plus, Beyond Black isn’t just for tyres – it also works great on vinyl tops and its powerful UV protection adds years to their life.

Q: - Tony, New York
I purchased your wax a while ago and was blown away by the results. Since then, I've become a Surf City Garage fan for life! My buddy highly recommends your Beyond Black Tire Dressing, but I've had some unsatisfactory experiences with tire dressings and how they last for about a day or two. Could you tell me how yours is different and any tips to prolong the effects?

A: We often hear how many brands' tire dressings aren't worth the time, or the money. We also often hear how our Beyond Black® Tire Pro is a game-changer in the Tyre & Wheel category. That's because Beyond Black® has a no sling, no gel formula with a non-petroleum base that penetrates the tyre, making it the longest-lasting tire dressing on the market.

Here's another trick to make our tire dressing last even longer: clean the tires completely with our Beyond Steel® Tire & Wheel Cleaner first, then apply Beyond Black®. This removes the tire's natural oils that have seeped out to the surface, preventing dressings from thoroughly penetrating the tyre.

Price shown is for the 24 oz size bottle.

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