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Every moment spent outside exposes car paintwork to attack by environmental or industrial contamination.  Regular washing removes surface dirt but stubborn marks or residues have a longer lasting effect on the paint’s reflective surface, eventually leaving it dull and even rough to the touch.
That is where the Surf City Enthusiast Grade Clay Bar Kit comes in. The high tech synthetic polymer clay grabs the tiny surface contaminants and pulls them off the paintwork, leaving behind a perfectly clean, glass–smooth surface, ready to be protected with Surf City Garage polish or wax products to preserve and enhance its showroom shine.
The kit includes everything you need to properly and safely remove damaging contaminants from the car’s painted surfaces, unlocking the full shine.
  • THREE 80gms generously sized pieces of Surf City Garage ultra fine clay.
  • ONE full size bottle of Surf City Garage Hot Rod Protective Detailer.
  • ONE Surf City Garage Nano-Detail Microfibre towel.
 The process is simple, the results massively satisfying. Shine-stealing deposits are lifted off the surface not ground away. Paint is smoother with a much-improved reflective shine, restoring that new car look and feel.  The advanced formula Surf City Garage Clay Bar Kit will also work wonders on glass, chrome or any other smooth exterior surface. 

(12 kits available)

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