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The process is simple, the results massively satisfying. Shine-stealing deposits are lifted off the surface not ground away. Paint is smoother with a much-improved reflective shine, restoring that new car look and feel.
Price: £25.00
<B>Black Edge™  Detailer</b>Black Edge™ Detailer
No other product anywhere goes on easier, leaves a smoother, sleeker finish or provides greater protection from UV rays and the elements.
Price: £14.25
<B>Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer </b>Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer
There’s only one way to restore your car to showroom condition: Road Trip Grime Destroyer
Price: £14.25
<B>Top End™ Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant</b>Top End™ Convertible Top Cleaner & Protectant
Top End Cleaner and Protectant works in 3 separate ways to keep every kind of convertible top – vinyl, fabric and canvas – looking like new!.
Price: £14.25
<B>Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing</b>Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing
Got cloudy grey trim, but want the black back? Black Max here to save the day
Price: £11.99
<B>Wipe Out Eliminator</b>Wipe Out Eliminator
Surface scratches on your ride make time spent on your detail job feel worthless. Until now. Wipe Out can really erase scratches in your clear coat, not just hide them like other products
Price: £13.25
<B>Ultra-Clear® Headlight Restoration Kit</b>Ultra-Clear® Headlight Restoration Kit
Only Ultra-Clear uses advanced Micron Polishing Technology™ which eliminates the need for sanding and gives you that factory-new look without all the extra effort
Price: £21.99
<B>Professional Clarifying Glass Sealant</b>Professional Clarifying Glass Sealant
Special fillers penetrate the microscopic pores of your glass, enhancing visual clarity through inclement weather.
Price: £19.99
<B>Glass Detailing Towel (3 Pack)Glass Detailing Towel (3 Pack)
Surf City Garage Professional Glass Cleaning Towels are a satin-like microfiber weave that removes smudges and streaks, leaving behind glass that’s virtually invisible.
Price: £8.50

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