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The World's First Nanoprecision Protective Coat

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<B>The World's First Nanoprecision Protective Coat</b>
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Unsealed pores in your paint, whether you can see them or not, cause major damage. They let Mother Nature walk right in and shorten the life of your paint. They also absorb light, which steals the shine from your car’s surface.

Nano Seal is the best thing you can do for your car’s paint – period. It coats and seals every single pore for maximum protection, shine and reflectivity. The pores are filled and actually reflect light so you get a hi-gloss, hi-def shine that lasts unlike any other.

There is no other product on the market that can offer the type of protection and award-winning gloss you get with Nano Seal. So just say no to Mother Nature and get a world-class shine at the same time.
Step 1: Nano-Seal Protective Coat

This part does require a bit of patience- Either leave for 20 minutes as per bottle, or for ultimtae protection leave on overnight.

That's how long it takes Nano-Shine Protective Coat, our proprietary Nanoprecision Sealer, to fill 100% of the pores in your paint. These pores are so small that you'd need a super-powerful microscope just to see them. But even the smallest unsealed pores absorb light, seriously degrading your shine.

Only Nano-Seal seals every single one, making your shine more brilliant than ever.

What Makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Nano Seal Protective Coat:-                 

  • Advanced nanotechnology ensures maximum shine potential by sealing every pore in your paint, even microscopic ones.
  • Super easy to use. Seal your entire car in 30 minutes and save hundreds of dollars.
  • Significantly extends the life of your paint. 

Most Other Brands:-

  • Conventional technology cannot seal the smallest pores, so shine potential cannot be maximized.
  • Car dealerships offer seal coat applications, but charge hundreds of dollars for them.
  • Inexpensive sealers offer little actual protection for your paint.

Customer Testimonial:-

On my newly painted race car I used the Nano Seal.  The car looked great, but I made the mistake several times of trying to lean up against the car this past weekend and literally almost fell on my face time and time again.  It is sooo slippery I’ve renamed it “death wax”…lol!   You weren’t kidding when you said that SCG products are the real thing!
Bruno M.

Price shown is for the 8oz bottle.  (6 available)

For Step 2: Nano-Shine Glaze Coat please see here

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