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<B>Beyond Clay® Paint Polish<b>Beyond Clay® Paint Polish
Before you get that new paint job costing thousands of pounds, restore your faded paint with Beyond Clay.
Price: £16.50
The process is simple, the results massively satisfying. Shine-stealing deposits are lifted off the surface not ground away. Paint is smoother with a much-improved reflective shine, restoring that new car look and feel.
Price: £25.00
<B>Black Edge™ Spray Wax</b>Black Edge™ Spray Wax
Your car makes a statement. So you need a wax that makes one too: Black Edge
Price: £14.25
<B>The World's First Nanoprecision Protective Coat</b>The World's First Nanoprecision Protective Coat
Step 1: Nano-Seal Protective Coat This part does require a bit of patience--24 hours to be exact. That's how long it takes Nano-Shine Protective Coat, our proprietary Nanoprecision Sealer, to fill 100% of the pores in your paint.
Price: £16.50
<B>New In! Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax</b>New In! Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax
Experience Diamond Edge Wheel Wax – Where the shine meets the road™!
Price: £15.45

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