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For those of you that are SHY about trying the Surf City Garage detailing products, we thought we would post on here customer's feedback on the products that they have used so far.

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"I am contacting you in regards to your Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax and how we were very pleased with how this product worked. We switched from Turtle Wax to this brand and we couldn't be more pleased with the switch!

This wax shined our car and got us so many compliments, so I thought that I should take the time to let you know that it worked so well! We will definitely continue to be loyal customers in the future because this product gives outstanding results!

Thank you for bringing this great product to us and allowing us to keep our car looking shiny and new!"
- Jennifer M., Beaver Falls, PA

September 2012

My names Mark Jaggers, I have a '81 camaro z28, I bought some of your products at damn yankees north Weald, Blue pacific shampoo and the Barrier reef carnauba wax.

I've owned the car for just over 4 years now, and showed it at every possible car show, and won nothing. I used surf city products before the capel manor car show and got runner up best American.

As a car guy I do like to get the best products to protect my girl, I've used auto glym, meguires and others.
I just wanted to say thank you very much for the products as they work fantastic.
Best regards Mark Jaggers & Camaro z28

June 2012

Neil had opted that the car to be applied with Surf City products as he was very pleased with these products due to quality and small amount of product you have to use. http://www.cleancarsforum.co.uk/post1569.html#p1569

Martin does not post on forums, but is happy for us to post the following received from him.

From Martin, Bristol, April 2011

As I said originally I have been looking for a group of products that work in harmony with each other, rather than individual brands and different polishes, shampoos etc.

I started with Pacific Blue Wash and Wax, concentrated enough to last for many washes, foams easily and cleans even stubborn grime, spent an hour on the wash.

I then used the Nano Seal Protective Coat, nice to use went on well , even smelt pleasant, this took nearly two hours to do.

I left it on the car over night, and in the morning spent an hour polishing it off. Wow, what a improvement, my paint work actually looked deeper and being metallic it really shone.

Later, I used the Nano Glaze Gloss Coat, spent a good hour putting this on. The Gloss coat buffed up, (all the results were without a buffer, good old elbow grease) and the paint shone even in weak sunlight.

The two products have transformed what I thought was good looking paint, with enough repeat the process several more times, either on my car, or perhaps the wifes, it is great value for money.

I am really pleased to have found quality products the really "do what they say on the tin". I haven't had time to properly try the other items, but will report back soon.

Nick http://www.detailmycar.co.uk/links.aspx

I tried the Leather Rejuvinator on two cars this weekend, one being a BMW 535D and the other a 6 year old Porsche and it worked really well, so nice and easy to use as a one step product and it left a really nice finish on the leather, very very impressed with that!  Previously i'd used the Raceglaze Cleaner followed by their Balm so this was a far easier product to use and actually gave better results - Smelt lovely too!

Had another good weekend with 3 different cars, a Mercedes C63 AMG, a Range Rover Vogue and a Porsche Boxster.  Check out my site if you can in the Gallery at www.detailmycar.co.uk (Look at C63 AMG, Porsche Boxster Track Special and Range Rover - The newest style one).

I have to say that yet again the Leather Rejuvenator is just incredible, it worked wonders on both the Range and the Boxster - Restoring that new look, cleaning any
grubby stains and the smell is fantastic - Definitely the best leather product I've used, compared to the Raceglaze kit i used before it's so quick too as it's just one bottle!  Usually i'd have to use a cleaner, then a protector so it's good to have it in one bottle!

The glass cleaner and Dash away also worked brilliantly on both cars, the glass cleaner was great and quickly removed any polish residue and dust that was on the outer glass and brought the inside back to new condition too so i'll be recommending that!

The last product i was able to test was the Killer Chrome, only on the Range Rover as that had a few bits but on areas like the wing mirrors and side steps it was fantastic, so easy and quick to use but really left an amazing finish - the Wing mirrors looked incredible as they had started to fade a tad so this really did the trick!

All 3 cars were again wiped down after waxing using Speed Demon - That's such a winner for me, so nice to use and the Nano-Detail polishing cloths were great to use with it too, no fear of scratching as they're so nice and soft but also a really good size too...  
August 2011

One product I have tried is Killer Chrome. I normally use Autosol which had been happy with.

However, Killer Chrome works a lot quicker and you need less of the product to get a good shine. I used it on my Borla exhaust, which is now extremely shiny and on the stainless steel crest, which had not been cleaned for at least a year. I have tried to clean it before (crest) with varying results. A couple of minutes with Killer Chrome and it's almost like new!

If all the products are this good then I will be switching from Meguiars.

In addition to the product being great, so was the service from Lisa, good communication throughout and super fast delivery

October 2011

Beyond Clay====== I would say its hard work without a buffer but damn its the best polisher ive ever used!!!!
Barrier Reef Carnauba Wax======= Easy to use no sweat involved and it smelt so nice I nearly started to eat my car! puts a lot of depth in the paint work.
Speed Demon  Wax Detailer====== Dose what it says on the bottle, best detailer ive ever used.
Conclusion====== Even though the products are more expensive than standard polishers etc I would say "you buy cheap you buy twice". I could actually relax and let the products do the work for me and with that I give it 10/10 That includes the service provided.

Thank you lisa for the bits and bobs, look forward in getting my secound order from you, Yes ive gone mad!!! just spent another £58 on other items to complete my set  :P

February 2012 - American Technique:-

Lisa I will get that testimonial sorted for you asap, I highly recommend the glaze and waxes, As we are known for our paintwork I would only recommend certain brands of waxes and Surf City is at the top of the list for results and ease of use.

Pontiac Owners Club:-
Been getting the car ready for the trip to the London Motor Museum next Sunday, so first off I used some Wipe Out (scratch eliminator) on some micro scratches, took them out, very easy to use.Next was a wash using the Pacific Blue (Wash & Wax) as it said on the box it even smells nice.

Then did the glass using the Clearly Better glass cleaner, very easy to use and gives a nice shine to the glass, T-tops aswell. Next up was the interior using Dash Away, which really cleaned up the dash, centre console, door cards etc. the cloth showed just how dirty it was, all looks nice and clean now. Tomorrow will be a polish using Speed Demon (Wax detailer) which I know is very easy to use as I've previously used this. Also got to hang up the Paradise Road air freshener.

So overall, the SURF CITY GARAGE range of products are well worth investing in, makes Black cars even better
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